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Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate System -Apartment Hallways

Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate System -Apartment Hallways

Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate System -Interior/exterior exposure

Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate System -Interior/exterior exposure

Alliance Residential, sought out Bomanite Licensee, Colorado Hardscapes for a solution to a needed renovated flooring surface for the Broadstone Cornerstar Apartments located in Aurora, Colorado. The existing concrete slabs were showing shrinkage cracks from a previous installation, therefore the client needed a product that wouldn’t crack, require little maintenance, and add an updated look to the residential complex as well as be weather resistant.

The Bomanite Toppings Systems, Broadcast Aggregate with Bomanite Florspartic 100 was chosen to replace the flooring on the existing breezeways. The Broadcast Aggregate System can be installed in cold temperatures, has a short dry time, high durability, and low maintenance; A great solution for a high-traffic residential complex. The entire courtyard flowed with harmonizing colors and textures inherent in each feature.

The Broadcast Aggregate System had to be installed while tenants were occupying the building, but due to the short dry time it was easier to work around the tenants. The Broadcast Aggregate System was an excellent choice because of low maintenance, high durability, high slip-resistance, and a color choice that complimented the exterior finish. Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate floors consist of decorative and/or industrial aggregates encapsulated in high performance, two-component primer, body and top coats. The base of design process utilizes Bomanite Florspartic 100 however certain project specific criteria may influence the selection of a different Bomanite coating. Unique aggregates such as recycled plastic, glass and walnut shells along with minerals such as garnet may be utilized to create custom floors and walks. For industrial applications, hard aggregates such as silica carbide and aluminum oxide may be selected.

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A mixed-use building located on Boulder Street, a block from the HighlandBridge, connects downtown Denver to the Highlands. The owner and designer wanted high-end finishes to coordinate with their design for this upscale building as well as providing a durable finish.


 Colorado Hardscapes worked with Holland Partners and Sprocket to select a decorative concrete product appropriate for the exterior entrance of the leasing office and a high-traffic solution for the interior communal spaces. Colorado Hardscapes placed Silvercliff colored Sandscape with decorative sawcuts for exterior entrance to the leasing office. Sprocket chose Bomanite polished concrete for the kitchen, offices, lobby, hallways, and the elevator room. They chose this finish due to its durability for high traffic areas.Image

 Skillfully polished concrete neutrally colored with rich luminosity and deep undertones to complete the design of the interior space while providing a low maintenance floor which can withstand high traffic conditions. Sandscape concrete complements…

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