The Sprint Center, Kansas City’s home for sports, concerts, family shows, collegiate competitions, tournaments and special events has been open since 2007 and recently known as the T-mobile Center after the merge in 2020 with Sprint Corporation.  Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC installed 64,000 square feet of concrete hardscapes during the construction of the arena. A small portion of their work involved The Moon’s Plaza, which you can still see today.

Sprint-Center-Moon-Plaza-M-and-H-Bomanite-Sandscape-and-La-Paz-Stone-2The project designer, Chris Doyle, created The Moons as the Percent-for-Art component of the Sprint Arena. In front of the huge glass arena, Mr. Doyle created a plaza with three elliptical gardens, each with a water component. Hanging above each of the gardens is a moon, a circular LED video screen that shows individuals flying across the screen simulating orbiting the arena. Musselman & Hall was brought in by Landscape Architects, BBN Architects to bring the surface to life resembling rock and sand textures. With several samples and discussions on creating the ultimate design, it was decided to go with a combination of the Bomanite Imprint Systems and  Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems.

Sprint-Center-Moon-Plaza-M-and-H-Bomanite-Sandscape-and-La-Paz-Stone-10Providing the ability to accomplish the right amount of detailed hardscape a custom imprint pattern, La Paz Random Stone, created of random rocks was designed to achieve a natural stone look once stamped. The pattern was then colored with Bomanite Black Color Hardener, a coloring agent that delivers increased durability, wear resistance and fade resistance. Along with the imprinted surface Bomanite Sandscape Texture integrally colored in white created elevated bridges and was  woven throughout the surface to provide contrast, movement and flow to the surroundings.

Sprint-Center-Moon-Plaza-M-and-H-Bomanite-Sandscape-and-La-Paz-Stone-6The Bomanite Exposed Aggregate line of products and systems have a built-in long-life span as well as the long standing Bomanite Imprint Systems, both known for their robust durability. Using a combination of Bomanite Decorative Concrete Systems earned Musselman & Hall Contractors an Award and provided the T-mobile Center a galaxy of design flexibility.