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Architectural Concrete and Design installs Bomanite Toppings System to renovate Valley Fair Mall’s interior concourse, replacing outdated tile with a stunning stamped overlay.

Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City, Utah offers over 830,000 square feet of shopping, dining, and entertainment with over 120 retail stores and delicious dining options to explore.  In 2012, Bomanite Licensee Architectural Concrete & Design Inc. undertook a 70,000 square foot concrete makeover within Valley Fair Mall, retrofitting the concourse with a stampable topping system.  This system was to be installed over the existing ceramic tile to save time, money, and eliminate the mess of ripping up the tile.

Family owned and one of the first Bomanite Licensees in the nation, Architectural Concrete & Design has installed a wide variety of hardscapes for commercial, residential, and municipal projects.  This interior mall project was a new venture for Devin Johnson, the company’s Vice President, who collaborated with Bomanite’s Technical Services Division to develop the application procedures that would ensure that this Bomanite Toppings System could be placed directly over the existing tile.

Bomanite Systems

Bomanite Thin-Set is a specially formulated polymer-modified topping mix that can be imprinted and will bond to any stable, structurally sound substrate.  It is typically installed at 3/8-inch thick and can be feathered to almost a zero edge.  Bomanite Thin-Set is as an extremely effective alternative to demolishing an existing substrate and can be exposed to traffic quickly, which was a priority for this job as the work performed on the expansive 70,000 plus square-foot concourse could not be completed during normal working hours or block daily access to any store in the mall.

The process selected used aggressive surface preparation followed by a 100% solids epoxy primer broadcasted to rejection with silica sand to create a mechanical bond for the overlay.  After this process, the crew would on the next night apply a scratch coat of Thin-Set II followed by a screeded 3/8-inch thick layer of Thin-Set II, that was then imprinted with one of four Bomanite imprint patterns used throughout the mall.

After this part of the process was complete each morning, the crew would lay down a section of breathable landscape fabric over the affected entrances and rope off everything they had stamped.  The timing had to be precise so that the stamped area had time to dry and could withstand foot traffic.  After large sections of flooring were textured, secondary coloring and sealing were undertaken prior to turning over the fully finished floors to the mall.

Design Upgrade

Featured throughout the concourse is Bomanite Basketweave Used Brick that was integrally colored with Bomanite Brick Red as well as Bomacron Random Slate in Shale Gray.  To create visual breaks, an 8-inch English Slate Texture border in Sand was created with some areas featuring straight lines while other areas feature a free-flowing design.  To create even more variety, the Bomanite 12-inch Boardwalk pattern with Sonora Tan Color Hardener was used to enhance the mall’s roundabout and accent other selected areas.

Then and Now

The Valley Fair Mall makeover was perfectly suited to use an overlay, allowing the mall owners to avoid a messy and more costly demolition route.  Architectural Concrete & Design expertly installed Bomanite Thin-Set II in combination with Bomanite Imprint Systems to renovate and recreate the mall’s design aesthetic.  The “proof is in the pudding” when we say Bomanite Architectural Concrete Systems are top notch; Bomanite Licensed Installers provide the expertise and proficiency to create long-lasting, durable, and beautifully decorative flooring options.

Architectural Concrete and Design installs Bomanite Toppings System to renovate Valley Fair Mall’s interior concourse, replacing outdated tile with a stunning stamped overlay.

A decade has passed since Architectural Concrete & Design successfully installed the Bomanite Toppings System and imprint patterns.  While their decorative concrete prowess provided a stunning decorative concrete layout that impressed patrons and exceeded the mall owner’s expectations, the long-lasting results still stand out as a feature piece inside the mall.  Not only did Architectural Concrete & Design produce a product with durability and longevity, but they added distinct decorative detail that showcases quality of work and superior design that has and will continue to stand the test of time.

A resounding round of applause greeted these talented Bomanite decorative concrete craftsmen.  Bomanite proudly presents the Annual Decorative Concrete Project Award winners!  The Bomanite Annual Conference was held in Snohomish, WA, in March which culminated with the Annual Banquet Dinner where the awards were presented.  It was wonderful for everyone involved to meet in person once again, to see maskless smiling faces, and to get jeans and hands covered with concrete.  If you want to create phenomenal decorative concrete, you have to create muscle memory by getting your hands involved.  The concrete craftsmen gather annually to learn hands on new trade techniques, business strategies and exchange ideas with Bomanite Licensees from around the world.

With a vast knowledge and years of experience, these Bomanite Craftsmen define decorative concrete. Strong.  Durable.  Artistic.  Creative.  Bomanite Licensees work on anywhere from multimillion-dollar commercial projects to affordable residential housing, new builds, and improvements, and everything in between.

Texas Bomanite installed Bomanite Patène Artectura at Hotel Drover in Fort Worth, TX, earning them the GRAND AWARD at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Annual Awards.

Texas Bomanite received the Best Bomanite Patène Artectura Project – GRAND AWARD for their stunningly gorgeous work on the Hotel Drover in Fort Worth, TX.  Using our Bomanite Coloration Systems Patène Artectura and Bomanite Modena SL with Chemical Stain, Texas Bomanite was able to achieve a consistent and beautiful look throughout the many diverse architectural areas of the hotel.  They provided decorative concrete flooring in the hotel lobby, levels 1 & 2 of the offices, levels 2-6, the event barn bar area, outside the event barn restrooms, and stained concrete columns in the event barn.

Carolina Bomanite installed Bomanite Imprint Systems at Courtyard Marriott in Greenville, SC, earning them the Gold Award at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Awards.

Carolina Bomanite Corporation, Mt. Holly, NC, received the Best Bomanite Imprint Systems Project GOLD AWARD for their pretty and professional craftsmanship at Courtyard Marriott, Greenville, SC.  Using the Bomanite Imprint Systems Bomanite Bomacron Patterns Running Bond Belgian Block, 10” Boardwalk, and Slate Texture, Carolina Bomanite created decorative concrete for multiple amenity and entry areas.  This project was underway prior to COVID and was delayed during construction for approximately one year.  The diversity, yet cohesion, of the installation of the patterns is literally enchanting and breathtaking.

Colorado Hardscapes installed Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems at Market Station, Denver, CO, earning them a Gold Award at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Awards.

Bomanite Licensee Colorado Hardscapes received the Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Project GOLD AWARD for their distinctive decorative concrete work at the Market Station, Denver, CO.  Using Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems with Bomanite Sandscape® Texture, Colorado Hardscapes achieved an unforgettable eye-catching decorative concrete pattern on the paseo that draws the eye directly to the chevron pattern.  The paseo is located where one would normally find the alley.  There were innumerable technical challenges that came with this project including having to coordinate the snow melt system so that decorative sawcuts didn’t cut through the tubing that ran beneath.

Colorado Hardscapes installed Bomanite Toppings Systems at RYE SoBo Apartments, Denver, CO, earning them a Gold Award at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Awards.

Colorado Hardscapes also captured the Best Bomanite Toppings Systems Project GOLD AWARD for their unbelievable achievement at RYE SoBo Apartments, Denver, CO, of creating the Clark Richert Abstract Art in decorative concrete titled: Four Color Intertwine – 2021.  Using Bomanite Toppings Systems with Bomanite Micro-Top XT, the art piece was brought to life with fifteen different colors, and each color is surrounded by a saw cut to add to the crisp lines and enhance the dimensional look.  Richert originally wanted to use embedded mosaic tiles in concrete to create his piece, but once he saw how vivid and solid Micro-Top XT could make each section, it was absolute that Colorado Hardscapes utilize that product instead.

Premier Concrete Construction installed Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems at Colonial Theater Keene, Keene, NH, earning them a Gold Award at the Bomanite Decorative Concrete Awards.

Bomanite Licensee Premier Concrete Construction took home the Best Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems GOLD AWARD for their dazzling decorative concrete work at Colonial Theater Keene, Keene, NH.  Using Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems with Bomanite Modena TG Epoxy Terrazzo they were able to achieve stunning results on the flooring, pre-cast cove base, and pre-cast stairs and risers.  All included two colors and a diamond strip pattern.  Supply chain issues that would have delayed the project for five months after the scheduled to begin forced Premier Concrete Construction to set up their own shop to pre-cast 300LF of cove base and the full set of stairs and risers per spec.

We’d like to thank all the Bomanite licensed contractors who submitted entries for this year’s award contest. The Bomanite Decorative Concrete Annual Project Awards has been a tradition for more than 50 years for Bomanite Licensed Contractors to submit their outstanding projects. Bomanite Licensees compete among the best of the best to be recognized for their hard work and creative talents. The winners are announced at the Bomanite Annual Conference, held in various cities from year to year. This is a taste of artwork and craftsmanship in the decorative concrete market that can be achieved by the Bomanite network of decorative concrete craftsmen.  Additional awards were given for Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention categories. Please take a look at the award-winning projects.

2021 List of Bomanite Award Winners

Bomanite Imprint Systems

  • HONORABLE MENTION: Carolina Bomanite Corporation – The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery – Charlotte, NC – Bomacron Pattern: Running Bond Belgian Block
  • HONORABLE MENTON: Connecticut Bomanite Systems – Branford Route 1 and 2 Roundabout –  Branford, CT – Bomacron Pattern: Ashlar Slate and Herringbone Brick
  • BRONZE: Connecticut Bomanite Systems – Downtown Danbury Transit Oriented Development – Danbury, CT – Bomacron Pattern: Medium Ashlar Slate, Soldier Course Belgian Block
  • SILVER:  Beyond Concrete – Dennis Collins Park – Bayonne, NJ – Bomacron Pattern: Circular Cobblestone/Granite Texture, 11-inch/6-inch Boardwalk
  • GOLD:  Carolina Bomanite Corporation – Courtyard Marriott – Greenville, SC – Bomacron Pattern: Running Bond Belgian Block, 10” Boardwalk, Slate Texture

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems

  • HONORABLE MENTION: Colorado Hardscapes – McGregor Square – Denver, CO – Bomanite Sandscape® Texture Exposed Aggregate System
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Heritage Bomanite — Maravillosa Senior Living – Fresno, CA – Bomanite Sandscape® Texture Exposed Aggregate System
  • BRONZE: Bomanite Toronto – Sunset Drive Private Residence – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Bomanite Sandscape® Texture Exposed Aggregate System and Bomanite Sandscape Refined Exposed Aggregate System
  • SILVER:  Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC – Stowers Institute for Medical Research – Kansas City, MO – Bomanite Sandscape® Texture Exposed Aggregate System
  • GOLD: Colorado Hardscapes – Market Station – Denver, CO ­­­– Bomanite Sandscape® Texture Exposed Aggregate System

Bomanite Toppings Systems

  • GOLD: Colorado Hardscapes – RYE SoBo Apartments – Clark Richert Abstract Art – Denver, CO – Bomanite Toppings System Micro-Top XT

Bomanite Specialty Project

  • HONORABLE MENTION: Bomanite Artistic Concrete – WestStar Tower at Hunt Plaza – El Paso, TX – Bomanite Specialty Project – Specialty Walls

Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems

  • BRONZE: Premier Concrete Construction – Laflamme Residence – Etna, NH – Bomanite Belcolore Custom Polishing System and Bomanite Modena SL Custom Polishing System
  • SILVER: Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC – Westview Elementary – Excelsior Springs, MO – Bomanite VitraFlor Custom Polishing System

Bomanite Patène Artectura Project – GRAND AWARD

  • GRAND AWARD: Texas Bomanite – Hotel Drover – Fort Worth, TX – Bomanite Coloration Systems Patène Artectura with Bomanite Modena SL with Chemical Stain