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The Veterans Administration (VA) Central California Health Care System originally hired Heritage Bomanite to place plain gray concrete with a broom finish for their Walk of Honor Memorial project. Heritage Bomanite worked with the VA and TETER Architects & Engineers Company and had them visit their architectural design showroom. Many samples were reviewed and they were so impressed with the quality, durability, look and feel that they decided to upgrade to the Bomanite Sandscape Texture System.

The walk is a landscaped area that leads visitors to the center’s Wall of Honor. The integrally colored concrete and Sandscape finish path has a hand cut pattern in dark and light grey colors. Heritage Bomanite installed the red granite stars along with the decorative concrete finish. The walls are locally quarried Black Granite with more than 1,100 Veterans names engraved.

TETER was so moved by the project that their staff gathered donations that made it possible for the VA to purchase a Battlefield Cross bronze statue for the Walk of Honor. TETER’s Jonathan Schlundt who served as Project Manager on the memorial stated, “The entire process was inspirational in many ways—from the participation of staff creating a plethora of designs, the involvement and advice from community activists alongside the VA, and the commitment of local contractors; but the best part was seeing what the project meant to the Veteran’s and their loved ones on opening day.”

The VA stated that the Walk of Honor was a significant undertaking that will enhance the physical, spiritual and mental healing of Veterans, families and visitors. Each November following Veterans Day, the VA will host a dedication ceremony to add names of Veterans to the memorial.

Veterans Walk of Honor Memorial Fresno Ca Heritage Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Texture Walkways Veterans Walk of Honor Memorial Fresno Ca Heritage Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Texture Walkways Veterans Walk of Honor Memorial Fresno Ca Heritage Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Texture Walkways


Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors (M&H) worked with the local architecture firm Gould Evans during the design development phase of the Garmin Expansion project. M&H assisted with the project specifications and samples. The design team and owner’s representatives visited the M&H architectural concrete showroom multiple times to discuss project particulars and review samples until the team was able to fine tune the project finishes.

Musselman & Hall placed 40,800 SF pedestrian plaza as part of a building expansion project at the Garmin headquarters in Olathe, KS. Garmin brings GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. Nearly 25,800 SF of the plaza was done utilizing the Bomanite Sandscape Texture Finish, Multiple planter beds, cast-in-place Sandscape finished concrete benches, a continuous 1’ x 8’ joint spacing, and the detailed stain pattern created unique challenges to this project.

The entire plaza was saw cut and v grooved, or bevel cut, on a 1’ x 8’ joint spacing, joint layout was extremely critical, the jointing was continuous throughout the 700’ long plaza and any variance in joint layout would be obvious and would not be acceptable.

Musselman & Hall used Bomanite Con-Color to stain the Sandscape Texture portion of the plaza. The stain pattern incorporated three Bomanite Con-Colors; Cobblestone Gray, Nickel Gray, and Natural Gray. The stained Bomanite Sandscape was then sealed with Bomanite Sealer BomaSeal C-18.

This is a beautiful project and exhibits the potential and beauty of quality architectural concrete. This project won the Gold Award for the Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Project.

Garmin Exterior Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Pedestrian Walkway for Commerical Property Garmin Exterior Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Pedestrian Walkway for Commerical Property Garmin Exterior Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Pedestrian Walkway for Commerical Property Garmin Exterior Exposed Aggregate Sandscape Pedestrian Walkway for Commerical Property

Victory Park is a 75 acre mixed use development that surrounds American Airlines Arena. It is home of the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars and is located in downtown Dallas. In 2014 a redevelopment with a focus on pedestrian-friendly improvements to Victory Park Lane was commenced. The goal was to improve the overall pedestrian experience and connectivity between American Airlines Center / Victory Plaza and the Southern area of Victory Park.

The street and streetscape improvements were a vital component of transforming Victory Park into Dallas’ premier walkable entertainment district. Texas Bomanite worked with Stantec ViBE in choosing the best medium for the proposed redevelopment streetscape areas. Bomanite Sandscape Texture was part of the hardscape design which included granite pavers, concrete pavers, and amenities such as benches, lighting, tree grates and signage. The Architect’s design of the Sandscape areas included sandblasting of a geometric pattern.

Texas Bomanite installed 4,500 Square Feet of Bomanite Sandscape Paving in the hardscape areas along Victory Park Lane between the tree grates and curbs. The project was built in 3 phases to meet the General Contractors critical schedule and to accommodate the W Hotel, High Rise Residences, Restaurants, and other businesses along Victory Park Lane.

The work performed by Texas Bomanite earned them top recognition and a Gold Award for the Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Project of the year.

Bomanite Sandscape Texture is designed for outdoor applications where an alternate to conventional concrete finishes is required. Sandscape Texture, one of the Exposed Aggregate Systems offered by Bomanite for architectural concrete surfaces, utilizes specialized concrete mix designs, additives, topical treatments and advanced application procedures.

The finished Sandscape Texture product resembles sand blasted concrete and can incorporate specialized colored sands in the concrete and aggregates exceeding 3/8” in diameter. The final product is an economical alternate to other decorative finishes while producing a monolithic concrete slab with a low life cycle cost due to the pre-aged nature of the surface. Applications include plazas, shopping centers, schools and exterior walkways—anywhere improved wear resistance for light- to moderate-duty vehicular or foot traffic is necessary. These highly durable surfaces are available in a multitude of standard and custom options, including light-reflective formulations that reduce heat island effect.

Victory Park 1 Victory Park 2 Victory Park 3 Victory Park 4 Victory Park 5 Victory Park 6

The Sprint Center is Kansas City’s home for sports, concerts, family shows, collegiate competitions, tournaments and special events. Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall installed 64,000 of concrete hardscapes during the construction of the arena. A small portion of their work involved The Moon’s Plaza. The project designer, Chris Doyle, created The Moons as the Percent-for-Art component of the Sprint Arena, in Kansas City, Missouri.
In front of the huge glass arena, Mr. Doyle created a plaza with three elliptical gardens, each with a water component. Hanging above each of the gardens is a moon, a circular LED video screen that shows individuals flying across the screen simulating orbiting the arena. Musselman & Hall, brought the surface to life resembling rock and sand textures with Bomanite’s Imprint and Exposed Aggregate Systems. A custom imprint pattern of random rocks was designed to achieve a look of natural stone once stamped and colored with Bomanite Black Color Hardener. Along with the imprinted surface Bomanite Sandscape Texture integrally colored in white was woven through the design to provide contrast, movement and
flow to the surroundings.

Sprint Center Kansas City

Sprint Center

Moon's Plaza Kansas City

Sprint Center Moon’s Plaza

Bomanite Stamped Concrete

Moon’s Plaza Bomanite Stamped and Exposed Concrete

Helzberg Penguin Plaza Entrance

Helzberg Penguin Plaza Entrance

Helzberg Penguin Plaza Entrance - Bomanite Sandscape Texture

Helzberg Penguin Plaza Entrance – Bomanite Sandscape Texture

Helzberg Penguin Plaza Entrance - Bomanite Sandscape Texture

Helzberg Penguin Plaza Entrance – Bomanite Sandscape Texture

The design team at Bowman Bowman Novick approached Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors in 2012 to discuss the 2,500 square foot plaza that serves as the entrance to a new, $15 million, state-of-the-art penguin exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo that opened in November 2013. Bowman Bowman Novick, along with associate architects, The Portico Group of Seattle, WA created an exhibit that is a multifaceted, rich experience that features four penguin species as well as other exotic aquarium species with an emphasis on the world’s southern oceans and shoreline habitats. Both indoor and outdoor exhibits  incorporate land and water viewing of Tropical and Antarctica penguin species such as Humboldt or Blackfoots, and King, Gentoo and Rockhopper.

Musselman & Hall worked with the design team to incorporate the overall theme and vision for the decorative concrete plaza entrance by choosing the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate System, Bomanite Sandscape Texture and Bomanite Con-Color in various Blues and Green. The Bomanite Sandscape finished plaza was engraved and stained to replicate the earth from a South Pole perspective. Antarctica, Australia, South America, Africa, and the Galapagos Islands were created along with the oceans by using Bomanite Con-Color. The stain was layered from light to dark tones to create relief and variation in the oceans and land masses. The oceans were stained a light blue near the continents; transitioning to deep, dark blue at the deepest areas of the ocean for a real world effect. Along with replicating the continent, eighteen species of penguins along with their unique footprints (to scale) were engraved into the plaza that required a critical layout and accurate execution. The work performed by Musselman & Hall earned them top recognition and a Gold Award for the Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Project of the year.  The Helzberg Penguin Plaza entrance is the just the beginning to inspire people’s interest in becoming stewards of the planet’s wild penguin populations. For more information on the Helzberg Penguin Plaza and LEED Certification:


Bomanite Sandscape Texture High School Pool Deck

Bomanite Sandscape Texture High School Pool Deck

Bomanite Sandscape Texture High School Pool Deck

Bomanite Sandscape Texture High School Pool Deck

Bomanite Sandscape Texture High School Pool Deck

Bomanite Sandscape Texture High School Pool Deck

Due to an issue with extensive epoxy bubbling and delamination, Central Unified School District located in Fresno, california was interested in removing and replacing a large portion of the existing pool deck around the competition,activity and receiving pools and replacing it with a solid surface with a non-slip finish.

Heritage Bomanite bid and won the job and proposed a Bomanite Sandscape finish due to its durability and
non-slip qualities. The district accepted Heritage Bomanite’s suggestion after examining the on-site samples that were poured. Work progressed for just under three months during which a wide array of work was completed, including the installation of over 13,000 SF of Bomanite Sandscape concrete with an exposed sand finish. The complete scope of work included the demolition and removal of the existing epoxy coated concrete, the installation of 550 LF of 2’ cantilevered nose around the competition pool, replacing the slot drains with 1045 LF of PolyCast drain with removable tops, the installation of 2600 LF of self leveling joint sealant and 84 LF of non-sag underwater joint sealant, the installation of all depth marker and water polo tiles, and the installation of over 90 anchors for various diving platforms, hand rails, and water polo goals and stanchions.

For more photos of this project visit:

TCU Amon G. Carter Stadium Redevelopment - Fort Worth, Texas

TCU Amon G. Carter Stadium Redevelopment – Fort Worth, Texas

Bomanite is happy to announce the 2012 Annual Project Award winners! Bomanite Licensee Texas Bomanite located in Dallas, TX, was announced as the Grand Award winner for their outstanding work on the TCU Amon G. Carter Stadium Redevelopment project. The notable project also won the Gold Award in the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Category.

Texas Bomanite took home a Gold Award for the Best Bomanite Toppings Systems Project for their work on the First Texas Honda Dealership, while Bomanite Licensee, Edwards Concrete Company out of Florida, took Gold for their imprint work at Paddock Square using the Bomanite Dried Earth Texture to create a old mud trail. Premier Concrete Construction, LLC, a Bomanite Custom Polishing Licensee installed a Bomanite Modena Monolithic floor at the Partyka Dealership in Hamden, Ct, winning them a Gold Award.

We’d like to thank all of our licensed contractors who submitted entries for this year’s award contest. The Bomanite Annual Project Awards has been a tradition of many years for Bomanite Licensed Contractors to submit their outstanding projects for the year. Bomanite Licensees compete among the best of the best in order to be recognized for their work submitted for the 2012 contest. The winners are announced at the Bomanite Annual Conference, held in various cities from year to year. This is a taste of artwork and craftsmanship in the decorative concrete market that can be achieved by the Bomanite network of decorative concrete craftsmen. Please take a look at the award winning projects, presented in PDF format.